Dolphin Dreams


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Deep and haunting…the dolphins are the link between the other dimensions or the “otherworlds.” In many legends the local Amazon people tell about the “botos,” or the pink dolphins that inhabit the Amazon river. The locals call them the shapeshifters that in the guise of human desire claim your soul and escort you to the enchanted underwater world.
The Pink Dolphins radiate the color from the spectrum that beams directly to the doorway of the heart, opening compassion from within. Pink is the gentle love of the red of the heart symbolizing the feminine energy that is once again radiating from our world. The maiden, mother, crone is represented by the 3 female figures—body/mind/spirit and the call for the remembrance of our wholeness. Playful, free-flowing and often whimsical, the dolphins are the light in the depths of the dark creating a wholeness. Remembering our wholeness is the acknowledgement of both the dark and the light. May you experience the LOVE that is present in every aspect of your life.