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Suzanne Cheryl Gardner realized she had artistic abilities in the 3rdth grade, and took her talents into the world of Graphic Design after her education at L.A. Trade Technical School. After working in graphics and illustration for over 30 years she began to pursue her desire to create fine art. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and she has been creating images related to the theme of the “Sacred Feminine.” Her paintings are in acrylics, and multimedia. Her art and articles have been featured in SageWoman Magazine, Pan Gaia Magazine, The Beltane Papers, Flowstone, Voice of Choices, The Mountain Astrologer, Essential Wellness, New Moon for Girls, and more. She is also the author and illustrator of the children’s Graphic Novel “The Mystery of the Lost Hive.” featuring her comic strip “Petrina’s Forest Friends.” Her work has also been shown in galleries and featured at For Art Sake Gallery in 2009-2011, and her newest online show The M.E. Again 2015 Artist Showcase! at http://www.meagain.org/the-2015-artist-showcase.html