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About Suzanne Cheryl Gardner

Suzanne’s fresh, whimsical, childlike, brightly colored paintings reflect her inner emotions. From Greeting Cards to Children’s Book Illustration, Suzanne’s art will delight, capture, and engage the viewer to look deeper at themselves. She brings into existence wonderfully inspiring images that uplift the viewer and are perfect for a variety of published materials.


“I create art because there is a powerful inner calling that directs me—a deep desire and intention to share my profound gifts with others. Creating art is magical, and provides a healing force which benefits me as well as my viewer. When I am in that transformative space I am reminded that there is much more to this life than just the outer things. The reality is that it is the inner imagination that creates the outer world. Through this expression I offer others a chance to “see” a different perspective of life. I am often guided by listening and watching the wonder of nature. I use animal and plant wisdom to give voice to certain ideas or themes. For example, “bear” in many ancient cultures symbolizes “going within.” I explore the “dark” side of life, and question why we choose to experience dark moments. What I have discovered is that the dark is an important aspect to human beings. It helps us to see more clearly the “light” and to be in gratefulness for what we do have. The more we recognize the light, the closer we get to remembering who we really are, Divine Spirit! “Painting the Goddess or “The Divine Feminine” has been my celebration of the ongoing rhythm of life. The Divine Feminine represents the giver of life. She is the tree of life, she is the seed, she is the creative force—that which represents the birth-death-rebirth process of life. She stands for the oneness of all humankind!”

Suzanne Cheryl Gardner is calling up feminine energy.

“The image of the “feminine/Goddess” is key to the transformation of our culture. As we begin to physically see new symbols of female power we are spiritually reminded of the importance of a life balanced with both masculine and feminine energy.”

As an artist my calling is to reclaim the truth for the feminine aspect of human nature. The power of the feminine that has been suppressed and disabled for so many centuries is returning and is a spark of light urging artists, healers and visionaries to illuminate her wisdom and her many faces.

“…to bring the images back to life, one has to seek, not interesting applications to modern affairs, but illuminating hints from the inspired past.”—Joseph Campbell, Hero’s Journey

Through symbolism, color, and subject matter my images reveal a world that has been secreted away for too long. It is time to reclaim that energy. Her story is one of compassion, forgiveness, comfort, nurturing, and inner peace. She shines the light of love that gives life to all things. She brings and has always brought the message that we are not separate, that we are one. One neverending force.