Be The Change


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Life is a dance and all change is good. Transformation is inevitable and does not have to be traumatic.  Within the stages of metamorphosis there are keys to  creating and manifesting anything. Shed the old and come into the new.  You can co-create your own changes and your future. The butterfly is a powerful symbol in myth and symbology and was often a symbol of the soul.  Black and yellow butterflies were associated with the fairy realm and the nature spirits.  She has the wings of the Luna Moth, a species of butterfly that has feathered antennae.  Antennae are symbols of higher consciousness, intuition, and the feeling aspect that links it with psychic abilities in mystical traditions. As we move into the Aquarian age we have the chance to open to our powers of telepathy and communicate in new ways.  What else would you like to change?  Be the change you wish to see and become a witness to the change joyfully!