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The Artist’s Life

Even though learning new programs is often challenging for us right brain artists I am grateful that I have a techy husband who can set me up with this blog. I am hoping to write about my experiences while living an artist’s life.

So, what does that mean, an “artists life?” For me it has been about not having to work an outside job, and all my extra time is spent on creating an art career for myself. My partner and I have come to an agreement: I take care of all the household activities like grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cooking and planning meals, etc, while he concentrates on bringing the money in. What I have realized is I have bitten off a huge chunk of business for myself…while attempting to create art and an art business. And though I do feel grateful that I am not responsible for making enough money to pay the bills, it has become a challenge to create the time necessary to create and market my art. This is my goal, and so moment by moment I move forward to learn how to be successful in this artist life.