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Painting Afternoon

This afternoon has finally become a painting day for me, and as I paint the huge face of the Goddess she fills me with her energy of love and inner joy. I rarely paint to anything but silence or the chatter of TV, but today I clicked on ITunes and found myself dancing while painting to my favorite music, (women like Natasha Bedingfield and Mary J Blige) and wishing that everyday could be like this.  That , of course is my goal. Can you see me at the age of 80 or 90 dancing around my studio painting goddesses or the feminine energy of nature?  Lovely scene.  Such inner peace…I think perhaps this will become the norm from now on.

My friend Christi sent me an interesting article about mothering/nurturing and after commenting on the essay she sent me another woman’s comment who lives in Sedona…what a gift to converse with other women who are intellectually stimulating and stimulated, and wanting to discuss women’s issues. Such a gift!

The sun is out in the Pacific NW, which I must say is a rarity.  The sun feeds my soul and spirit just like the painting, the colors, and the thought that we can all become like that of the Buddha type face who exhibits herself as the feminine side of Buddha, that of contentment and inner peace.