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Living the life as an artist is often simply one of contemplation, but for me I have made the decision that my images are to be seen by others.  That, of course,means that I must find a way to get out there and the internet has made this possible for me. → Read more


This afternoon has finally become a painting day for me, and as I paint the huge face of the Goddess she fills me with her energy of love and inner joy. I rarely paint to anything but silence or the chatter of TV, but today I clicked on ITunes and found myself dancing while painting to my favorite music, (women like Natasha Bedingfield and Mary J Blige) and wishing that everyday could be like this.  → Read more

PFS MysticRose2&Me

Even though learning new programs is often challenging for us right brain artists I am grateful that I have a techy husband who can set me up with this blog. I am hoping to write about my experiences while living an artist’s life. → Read more


Here is my article on “Art as Co-Creation”