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“Your ‘Queen of Heaven – Aster’ is so deeply lovely.  There seems to be a new mystery in her.In her smooth, tangly, rounded, even and uneven mantle.  I see her almost cloaked.  She may have a mystery that …

Joell Tuttle, “Spirit Haven”

“Thank you for the beautiful gift of looking at your newest painting. You are very talented! Spirit is really working through you!”

Cathy Pfeil, A Divine Intervention Facilitator

“Oh my Goddess, you are amazing, thank you for the profound inspiration…the symbolism and meaning to your work and the explanations are moving.”

Suzanne DeVeuve, Artist

“Very powerful messaging through visual and words. You are a special person with a unique style of art.”

Heather Lowe Design

“…your work has a special original, and colorful quality that is appreciated by many of our readers.”

Hilary King, Psychic Reader newspaper in Berkeley, CA

Suzanne’s work is incredibly spiritual and metaphysical. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Suzanne is a very compassionate artist!

Bob M.